Gallery: World Baseball Classic US vs PR

Opening Ceremonies for the World Baseball Classic 2017 Finals

Not only did I get to go to my first World Baseball Classic yesterday, but it was Team USA’s first trip to the finals. Puerto Rico came into the final round undefeated, but in the end the U.S. won its first World Baseball Classic thanks to Blue Jays’ Marcus Stroman Check out a few photos…… Continue reading Gallery: World Baseball Classic US vs PR

Dodgers Bloggers Softball Tournament

Yesterday InfieldBox put its first team in the third LFP Charity Softball Tournament. I personally have played the previous two tournaments, both for team LFP. The first year was for the LFP facebook group and the last tournament was on the LFP blog (which we won). So I thought it was time to bring InfieldBox…… Continue reading Dodgers Bloggers Softball Tournament